MessageMuse Digital Agency have created Spottie for giving players a platform to make real-life connections on the go and let people interact face-to-face.

Spottie is a free mobile app available in the Google Play Store for Android as well as iOS. This game allows you to meet personally and play in a creative and fun way. Players can get the chance to meet one another, start conversions, and build connections with people they are shy away. We don’t use superficial swiping methods in the game. The players can choose the multiplayer game or can freely enjoy playing one-on-one.



Case Study

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In the news.

Social Gaming App 'Spottie' to encourage real time gaming.
Spottie App: Get Connected having Real-Time Face-to-Face Interaction
The First Real Life, Interactive Face to Face Mobile Game
Spottie, a New Social Game Application That Encourages Face-to-Face Interaction!